Duke, the English Cream Puppy

“Duke came into our family in a bit of a “non-traditional” way. Friends of ours had purchased the puppy, only to find they struggled with allergies that they were unaware of.  We offered to babysit Duke in the interim and instantly fell in love with him.  We also have a lab and was not necessarily in the market for another dog. Yet this sweet dog and his even sweeter disposition could not be passed up.  Duke came over for a playdate, and never returned home. Fortunately, Duke’s “first” family is able to see and love on him often, without the misery of continuous allergies.  And our family has been able to provide Duke with a loving home, filled with kids and another dog, to keep him happy.”

“Even though Duke started his first months with another family, he transitioned into our family seamlessly.  His instincts are something you would see in a movie.  Our youngest daughter has a seizure disorder.  I had always heard of how dogs have incredible senses, but Duke has proven that to be very true.  One night Duke was pawing to get into our daughters room after she fell asleep.  This was very unusual behavior for him, as he would typically be up with the rest of the family.  I let him into her room and he would not budge from her bedside.  I called him repeatedly and he sat at attention by the head of her bed.  After deciding he was going to win, I let him stay there.  Only to learn later that our daughter was slipping into the beginning stages of a seizure, and Duke was by her side. The love we have for this dog cannot be measured by any terms…. Duke is simply an amazing dog and is meant to be a part of our family!!”

duke the english cream puppy