Why Buy a Puppy from Two MMG Champion Imports vs Not?

That is a fabulous question and one that I get quite often.  Here is my answer.


In many ways there are no differences in a puppy from two champion parents, and in other ways, there may be HUGE differences.


ALL puppies that are born here are born in my lap, handled by me and my family every day and brought up the exact same loving and caring way.


When you bring your baby home, either puppy will have the exact same temperament.  The MAIN difference is that of the puppy from the Champion mother.

These dogs are Imported as Champions.  Because of that, they have been compared to many other dogs of their same breed, in a ring by many professional judges.


This has taken place on several occasions, by several judges and possibly against several hundred other dogs.  As these judges did so, they determined that our “moms” are more perfectly “put together” and closer to the Breed Standard than all the other dogs in the ring.  Because of this, they became Champions.




When you breed two Champions, it should mean that your puppy will also be more perfect than a puppy that IS NOT out of a dog that is a champion.  It should mean that his hips are under him or her more perfectly.  His topline is straighter, his angulations are more precise, and everything is just going to work together better as he grows older.  I use the example of, if you had a leg that was a bit shorter than the other, your hips would start hurting, then your back, then headaches would begin and so on.  With Champion parents, even though, we are only looking for a companion, you have a greater potential of a healthier long-term dog.