English Cream Dog Names

What’s in YOUR Dog’s Name?

He started out as, “Mr. Green.” Then he became, “Hunter Green.” Today, he is known as “Hunter.” Well, wasn’t that a hard way to name a dog?

You see, at Majestic Manor Golden’s, when our beautiful English Cream Golden Retriever puppies are born we immediately weigh them, check them over and put a colored piece
of ric rac ribbon around their neck and that becomes our way of distinguishing them from that day until the day that they go home to be with their forever families.

There are so many ways to name your new English Cream Golden Retriever puppy dog! Let’s talk about just a few!

First of all, YOU have brought home a rare, what some people consider white Golden Retriever (although we prefer to say pale), that has been specifically bred from Champion Bloodlines!

For THE perfect name, you should always start with the name of the breeder that the puppy came from (if they want you to). Here at Majestic Manor, we ask that you begin the registered
name with “Majestic Manor’s” and then you can choose anything else you would like. This way you can always remember the puppy’s roots. 🙂

Remember that he or she comes from nobility (Champion Bloodlines) so maybe something like SIR or HER MAJESTY would be appropriate to begin the name!
Excellent quality English or British Golden Retrievers are hard to find or rare, in the United States so you could say, “EXTRAORDINARY!”

To go along with the Pale/(white) part, perhaps we could go with SUGARCOAT!! (I thought about SNOWY, but after the winter of 2014, I don’t even want to think about snow!)

So, there you have it!! The Perfect Name!

Remember Hunter, from the beginning of our story? His name is actually a combination of our kennel name, his name and his daddy’s name. “MAJESTIC MANOR’S SLADE HUNTER” is his registered name. I call him my baby but he doesn’t care too much what I call him, as long as I call him when it’s time to eat!

There are as many choices for your puppy’s name as you can imagine! You might want to go with a strong English or British name or you might want to go with a name that’s been in the family for years. Whatever you choose, have fun with it and give it some thought! Our puppies live for years. Test it out for a few days. If your puppy looks at you and then takes off running, you might want to reconsider!

Love, licks and loyalty,