MMG Welcomes Champion Holly… and Puppies

I had admired her dogs for so long but I NEVER imagined that I could ever own one of them! THEY WERE AMAZING CHAMPIONS and the Best of the Best! She and her husband are International judges and their dogs are always top of the line.  Then one day, I decided, what did I have to lose?

I had been having a conversation with a sweet lady and I not only had grown to love her dogs, now I had grown to love her! My conversation went something like…”Would you ever even consider selling one of your dogs to me?”  What followed was one of the most exciting answers that I have ever had! “YES!!!” There is a longer story to this that I won’t go in to but the exciting part of this is that we have in our house, sleeping beside our bed and running and playing with the rest of our fur babies, Champion…………….. “Inspiration of Host Angel, HOLLY!!”

My son, Cole and I drove to Chicago on Thursday, May 23, 2013 to pick her up as she was shipped from Serbia, via Frankfurt, Germany. That is a story in itself as we were told that we had to wait an extra hour, after waiting 3 hours longer than expected to get her, because they had to load $37 BILLION on to a plane going to Germany that was sitting right beside our dog, so security would not let us get to her!!!

Once we got home, we got her out of her travel kennel and we were delighted that she was everything that we had hoped for and MORE! Her sweet temperament greeted us with licks and love, and of course we had made sure to get special treats. We even looked up a few Russian words to welcome her (she has been trained in Russian). We had heard horror stories of dogs that had been shipped from over seas lunging from the kennel, running away and never being seen again.  Cole and I each had a leash on Holly, “Just in case!”  Needless to say, we didn’t even come close to needing it! She literally came out licking my hands and proceeded to jump up on me to give me “hugs!” Cole and I looked at each other and laughed!

Holly has settled in to Majestic Manor Goldens like a pro! She gets along with all of the dogs and all the humans here. She especially loves Hunter, our 9 month old puppy and Connie, the one that continues to spoil her rotten! Perhaps that is because we have another announcement to make!!!  Perhaps you already saw it from our home page on our website!


Like I said, the conversation that we had was AMAZING because not only did the awesome lady tell me that she would sell me one of her dogs, she told me that she would sell me Holly, that was bred to her MULTI Champion Male, Nill!  One of the issues was that I would need to get her shipped quickly, since she would be due to whelp puppies on June 13, and she should not be sent much later than the week that we got her. So we went to work and got everything done!

Now, let me tell you about Nill and Holly.  Better yet, let me show you!!  Here are their credentials!!

Mom is a Champion with EXCELLENT hips and all clearances, and DAD is a MULTI-TITLED CHAMPION including REPRODUCTIVE CHAMPION with excellent hips and all clearances!!  These puppies are ONE-OF-A-KIND and we are offering a limited number of these puppies for sale on a first come first serve basis. If you are looking for THE TOP female or STUD that WILL sell puppies for you, then look no further!  This is the puppy!! I am selling these puppies WITH or WITHOUT breeding rights due to the TOP quality. Without breeding rights is $3500 and with is $4500.

With my females and breeding rights, I offer the right to come back to one of my CHAMPION males for stud service of which I guarantee that I will always have a male that is of different linage.  If you are interested in A TOP QUALITY 100% ENGLISH CREAM GOLDEN RETRIEVER IMPORT PUPPY, act fast and get your deposit to us AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to secure your place in line!  Call us at 574-870-5337 or let us know on our website.

We promise you that our puppies will shower you with years of LOVE, LICKS and LOYALTY!!!

Below is a screenshot of Nill’s Titles:

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 12.39.21 PM


Here is a brief video that we made for Holly and Nill: