• My wife and I added a MMG puppy to our family a year ago, and we simply could not be happier with our pup, Hank. Very early on in the process, Connie and Cayla were both so incredibly helpful and caring, even allowing us to visit early and tour the kennel as well as meet the parents of the litter. When it came time to pick, Connie and Cayla had a detailed profile of each puppy and helped us pick out the personality that would best fit with our family needs. Our pup, Hank, really was the “total” package. A loving, friendly, and loyal dog — with the handsome looks of a champion English Cream Golden. If I could describe Hank in one word, it would be happy. His temperament was exactly what we hoped for, exuberantly friendly and fiercely loyal. His big block head, and soft kind eyes meet us at the door every time we come home with a thunderously wagging tail. Hank’s favorite things are to go on long hikes with us and his “sister”, cuddling in bed at night and helping find any loose socks around the house… We are so grateful we found Majestic Manjor Goldens, and owe a big thank you to Connie and Cayla for making our family whole!


    Michael, Colorado
  • IMG_0303Hope all is well. We purchased a puppy from you a year ago – a sweet little female that we named Elsa. She has been a wonderful addition to our family with a great little personality. She is so much a typical golden with a funny sassy side that we just love. She has been such a easy dog to train and we have spoiled her terribly as she sleeps on our bed and the couch too! ¬†All the places our other golden was not allowed but we wished we had after he was gone.

    Chris & Jennifer, Michigan
  • Our first night went unbelievably well! Zoe curled up in her crate, and didn’t make a peep all night. Zoe continues to surprise us all with her intelligence and ability to pick up things quickly.

    Ramla, Indiana
  • We knew that your dogs were special, but Hudson’s personality and intelligence continue to amaze us on a daily basis. His IQ must be over 150 and I am not kidding. He learned to sit, stay down, come, and go potty after only a few training sessions.

    Benjamin, Washington
  • Piper, our puppy, is being trained to detect petroleum. She will begin basic obedience beginning tomorrow as a precursor to the scent training…She is amazing, we adore her.

    Janie, Indiana
  • I just want you to know that buying from you was the best decision we ever made. You and your family are so sweet. Your dogs have the best quality and we are so thankful!

    Jennifer, Kentucky
  • Attached are some pics of Rooke aka Rookers. He is about 7 months old of pure sweetness. His Momma is Wanda and Dad is Nill. He is a friend and companion to us and to our 2 boys. He really thinks he is one of them. He has been the most perfect addition to our family. He has been doing great considering he is still a puppy! He stays in our yard off the leash, which is big for us. He is crate trained. He walks on the leash very well. And he doesn’t jump on people… Thank you so much for sharing such an amazing dog with our family after such heartache from losing both of our Goldens last year.

    Sarah & Vijay, Missouri
  • Ladies, just wanted to share a picture of Suerte (son of Cash and Boyscout born Nov 2014.) and his brothers chilling. He has grown so much. He’s very funny and has settled into the house and family very quickly. He does nothing without his brothers.

    Sara, Indiana