PrintMajestic Manor Goldens was invited to be an honored guest at this year’s Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Man and Woman of the Year Awards Ceremony. Majestic Manor donated one of their English Cream Golden Retriever puppies to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) to raise money in the fight against cancer. Radio and television personality Sean Hannity purchased the puppy, raising $20,000 for the LLS in the process.

“We believe that our purpose in life is to serve others, and through these incredible dogs, we’re able to do exactly that every day of our lives,” said Connie Deason, owner and founder of Majestic Manor Goldens. “Sometimes, things that may seem like small gestures, like donating a puppy, can have an incredible impact on everyone around you, and we are just ecstatic that Sean was so generous to help the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.”

For more than 25 years, the Indiana LLS has been recognizing some of the most impactful men, women, and children in the state for the impact they have made. Last year, D. Mark Barnhart of TouchPoint Recruiting Group and Kelly Treinen of Promise Road Elementary were recipients, and this year, a plethora of new candidates are hoping to join the ranks of those honored.

“These people that are up for the Man and Woman of the Year awards are truly incredible, and we are just happy to be a part of their wonderful night,” raved Deason. “People from all walks of life, different opportunities, different ages, careers, everything, are represented at this ceremony. They are the real influencers and are changing Indiana for the better every day. We are in awe of them.”

The Indiana Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Man and Woman of the Year Awards are being held at the Indianapolis Marriott Downtown on Saturday, May 14 from 6:30-10:30pm.

Suerte Azul, son of Cashmere and Boyscout

Hello, I was given the name Mr. Navy by my Majestic Manor Golden (MMG) family.


I am now known as Suerte Azul. Suerte is “Luck” in English and Azul is “blue”. My mom selected my first name the day before I was born. My middle name is keeping me connected to the navy collar I wore home.

On November 20, 2014, while mom was preparing the Thanksgiving Turkey, my aunt wished her “Bueno Suerte”. “Suerte” was perfect for me because I was going to need “luck” to earn my brother’s, Pesos (9 yr old Boxer) and Tres (4 yr old American Golden), love and a spot on the couch.

Mom picked me up on January 16, 2015 at MMG. I was all by myself; my brother Mr Red had left with the family who had first choice on “boy dogs.” I tried to impress the family because I didn’t want to be left alone. I was very sad when Mr Red left me. Our sisters had been chosen in the morning. I was grumpy and tired. My mom was very anxious to meet me and came early. She waited until she couldn’t wait any longer and drove up to the MMG gate. I saw her first and told myself to play “hard to get”. I didn’t want her to see how scared I was and not take me home. Funny, she didn’t even hesitate picking me up and playing with me on the floor. Mom told me that I was going to love my brothers and she placed me in my new crate in the car and we drove away. I cried a bit, but fell asleep for the 3 hour trip home. Where was I going?

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Why is my English Retriever’s nose turning brown?

It is not uncommon to see English Retrievers with a brownish colored nose. This happens more often during the winter and is commonly referred to as “snow-nose.”

Snow nose is more prevalent in light and white coated breeds and is not completely understood. Even though it is called “snow-nose”, it can happen in warmer clients as well.

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Introducing Pups ‘n Pupils

The following is a new series for our blog, Pups ‘n Pupils, written by our two wonderful helpers Mary Claire (9) an Jane (11). Follow along with their adventures here.

We have been wanting to start this blog for a long time, so here we go!

This Fall has been a dream for us! We started working for Mrs. Deason and Mrs. Craw in September. When our Mom paid the deposit for our puppy, she asked if they might like a few volunteers at Majestic Manor. Mrs. Deason thought that was a great idea.

We attend a private school in Carmel called Highlands Latin. The schedule is very unique because we attend school on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and do our work at home on Mondays and Tuesdays. Since it doesn’t usually take all day to get our work done, we thought working at the breeder on those days would work out great. We had no idea that we would actually learn so much during our time at Majestic Manor. That is why we call this blog – Pups ’n Pupils!

The first three weeks we helped at Majestic Manor, there were no puppies yet. So, we helped with the dogs. We fed them and cleaned their bowls, got to know their personalities and learned about English Cream Golden Retrievers. We feel like we know all the dogs by name now and can tell them apart by their personalities.

We couldn’t believe when Mrs. Deason invited us to Wanda’s delivery! It was a little intense for us at first, but we got used to watching this amazing miracle after a while. When the tiny puppies arrives, we got to choose the color of ric-rac ribbon to tie around it’s neck. We would then weigh the puppies and record the data. They were so tiny! Most all of them weight less than a pound!


It’s hard to believe that we have been helping the Deasons for 4 months now. It’s definitely the highlight of our week. We have learned so much and are honored that the Deasons let us do so much.

We want this blog to share the joy we are having at Majestic Manor! We feel privileged to be able to spend so much time with these amazing dogs and hope you will enjoy reading about our adventures. Lots of puppy stories to come!!

MaryClaire, aka MC (9)
Jane (11)

Vines For Life Donation Puppy

We received some kind words from our friends at Vines for Life and thought we’d share!

“Thank you Connie for the wonderful live auction puppy, Mr. Green 🙂  Now lovingly renamed Scout by his family. Our Vines for Life event supports three Geist area cancer charities, Team Luke, Creating Hope and Indy SurviveOars.  Your donation supports these 3 fine charities and the work they do for those diagnosed with cancer.
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Duke, the English Cream Puppy

“Duke came into our family in a bit of a “non-traditional” way. Friends of ours had purchased the puppy, only to find they struggled with allergies that they were unaware of.  We offered to babysit Duke in the interim and instantly fell in love with him.  We also have a lab and was not necessarily in the market for another dog. Yet this sweet dog and his even sweeter disposition could not be passed up.  Duke came over for a playdate, and never returned home. Fortunately, Duke’s “first” family is able to see and love on him often, without the misery of continuous allergies.  And our family has been able to provide Duke with a loving home, filled with kids and another dog, to keep him happy.”

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Why Buy a Puppy from Two MMG Champion Imports vs Not?

That is a fabulous question and one that I get quite often.  Here is my answer.


In many ways there are no differences in a puppy from two champion parents, and in other ways, there may be HUGE differences.


ALL puppies that are born here are born in my lap, handled by me and my family every day and brought up the exact same loving and caring way.


When you bring your baby home, either puppy will have the exact same temperament.  The MAIN difference is that of the puppy from the Champion mother.

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English Cream Dog Names

What’s in YOUR Dog’s Name?

He started out as, “Mr. Green.” Then he became, “Hunter Green.” Today, he is known as “Hunter.” Well, wasn’t that a hard way to name a dog?

You see, at Majestic Manor Golden’s, when our beautiful English Cream Golden Retriever puppies are born we immediately weigh them, check them over and put a colored piece
of ric rac ribbon around their neck and that becomes our way of distinguishing them from that day until the day that they go home to be with their forever families.

There are so many ways to name your new English Cream Golden Retriever puppy dog! Let’s talk about just a few!

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MMG Welcomes Champion Holly… and Puppies

I had admired her dogs for so long but I NEVER imagined that I could ever own one of them! THEY WERE AMAZING CHAMPIONS and the Best of the Best! She and her husband are International judges and their dogs are always top of the line.  Then one day, I decided, what did I have to lose?

I had been having a conversation with a sweet lady and I not only had grown to love her dogs, now I had grown to love her! My conversation went something like…”Would you ever even consider selling one of your dogs to me?”  What followed was one of the most exciting answers that I have ever had! “YES!!!” There is a longer story to this that I won’t go in to but the exciting part of this is that we have in our house, sleeping beside our bed and running and playing with the rest of our fur babies, Champion…………….. “Inspiration of Host Angel, HOLLY!!”

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