Vines For Life Donation Puppy

We received some kind words from our friends at Vines for Life and thought we’d share!

“Thank you Connie¬†for the wonderful live auction puppy, Mr. Green ūüôā¬† Now lovingly renamed Scout by his family. Our Vines for Life event supports three Geist area cancer charities, Team Luke, Creating Hope and Indy SurviveOars.¬† Your donation¬†supports these 3 fine charities and the work they do for those diagnosed with cancer.

Our guests all instantly¬†fell in love with Mr. Green, and how could they not?!!¬†I personally know the family that he lives with¬†now, and could not imagine a better fit for either of them. I believe it to be¬†true that the family must be right for the dog, but also the dog must be right for the family.¬†It gives us great joy to see what an impact this puppy can have on so many people, and at the same time be helping these charities raise money to support their missions.¬†Thank you again so very much for your¬†generosity. Rest assured that Scout is in a loving¬†home and is also bringing great joy to his family!”